Alpha Probe

Alpha Probe


Alpha Probe have a proven track record of working with top hedge funds and Banks to source and move exceptional people.

In a fast moving and competitive business our clients don’t waste time or energy. They are focused on results and ready to pounce on opportunities.

Alpha Probe have a proven track record of providing such opportunities.

We source   highly qualified, experienced, successful and adaptable candidates.

Mandates are continually undertaken to find the ‘best of breed’ candidates in whatever fields our clients require but at Alpha Probe we do more. We regularly update our core clients with rising star information. This often leads to roles and opportunities being created and new posts being offered and filled – keeping our clients ahead of the game.

Getting exceptional people to move firms is a delicate and difficult business. It requires experience, intuition and attention to detail.

Alpha Probe have a strong track record of completing the deal. We keep our eye on the prize. 

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