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At Alpha Probe we always have 2 clients – the recruiting company and the candidate.
Both are treated with equal respect.
We build long-term relationships.  Candidates feel comfortable with our advocacy. Clients benefit from our in depth knowledge.


At Alpha Probe we commit to understanding the desires and requirements of both the hiring firm and candidate.
We build long - term relationships and nurture them at a personal as well as corporate level.


Personal honesty and adherence to clear principles leads naturally to the highest levels of consideration for our clients and candidates.
Complete confidentiality and absolute discretion create that most valuable SUCCESSFUL business requirement – TRUST.


Alpha Probe has attained a reputation not just for finding the right candidate but for closing the deal.
Desire and authority to hire do not always lead to successful completion.
Consideration and understanding at a personal level of the complexities of each individual situation is paramount.
Due to our dedication and commitment we deliver value added benefits to our client.
As such, more than 75% of revenues are generated from repeat business


Like our core client base, we are totally focussed on the bottom line.
We do not demand retainer fees or up front payments.
We do expect to be well rewarded for performance.
Our fees are very fair – in light of the unique benefits from our expertise, the value added is considerable.

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